StellaHome Repeater – Distributing mobile coverage in your home

Series 1002 – Professional grade repeaters – EU compliant



  1. The antenna on your roof receives mobile signal from all networks, and sends it down the cable to your StellaHome repeater.
  2. The StellaHome repeater amplifies the signal and sends it around your house.
  3. All your devices can now communicate with this enhanced signal.



  • Boosts mobile signal in houses/ small offices.
  • Coverage:  ~4 rooms  (see coverage below).
  • Compatible with all mobile operators.
  • Voice and data (GSM, 3G and 4G )
  • Simple and intuitive LED indicator.
  • No Sim card required, no extra bills.
  • Everything included for complete installation.
  • Legal and fully compliant to the EU standards.
  • Manufactured in Ireland.



There are several frequency options for the StellaHome repeaters. You can choose to boost just one frequency like 900MHz or all 5 mobile frequencies,
800/900/1800/2100 and 2600MHz.

  • For home use, we recommend 1 or 2 frequency options.
  • For business use, we would recommend 3-5 frequency options.

Choose from the table below which repeater best suits your needs.

Installation manual :





Table of Products


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The StellaHome  repeater kit contains 1 internal antenna. This antenna provides 30 X 30M2 of coverage in open space.

However, this is only in open space. In practice,  it  equates to about 4 sized rooms in a typical building layout. The coverage depends on the type of walls inside your building.

Concrete or metal insulated walls will reduce the coverage, whereas plaster board walls and  wide open internal spaces allow an increase in coverage.

converage for stellahome3


See building A and building B above.

All the walls are concrete block and the doors are wooden.

Building A:  In this building , we can get away with using only one antenna. The signal will pass through the  doors to the three smaller rooms.

Building B:  This building  has a corridor separating the rooms. To achieve maximum coverage with only one antenna, we place the antenna in the corridor as shown. Notice the reduction of signal in all the rooms. Interior concrete block walls reduce coverage significantly.   If you require more reliable  coverage in the rooms, you will need more antennas. We recommend the StellaOffice repeater in this case.

A closer look..



what you get line drawings home_YAGI_ENG

StellaHome m3

We recommend doing a “loose” install first, so that you can test where best to place your cables and antennas.

  1. Install the outdoor panel antenna in a location where there is good mobile signal. (usually this is your roof).
  2. Using the supplied 12m cable, run it down inside your house to the StellaHome repeater.
  3. Attach this cable to the repeater. Then attach the indoor panel antenna to the repeater.
  4. Plug in the power supply.


*All kits in the StellaHome family are supplied with an exterior panel antenna, except the Stellahome 5 band, which uses an exterior Yagi antenna.