StellaMarine – Boosting mobile signal on your ship

Series 1002 – Commercial grade repeaters – EU compliant

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The StellaMarine repeater is a commercial grade mobile signal amplifier for ships that works for all mobile operators.
It has 4 ports (4 indoor antennas) allowing you to amplify the mobile signal into 4 separate areas inside your ship. It has a simple LED diagnostic indicator that aides you during and after installation.
It can amplify all EU cellular bands and all networks.

An omni-directional antenna installed on the top of your ship receives signal in 360 deg around the ship. It will receive the signal from several masts on the coastline.  This signal is sent to the repeater inside the ship. The StellaMarine  repeater shown in the image above has 4 ports that can be connected to 4 individual antennas inside the ship. Each of these antennas provides signal in 1 to 3 rooms, depending of the types of rooms. The system is self monitoring and does not require any management.



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Table of Products

 table of marineboost products


  • Suitable for large boats, ships, mega yachts, cruisers, ferries….
  • Boosts mobile signal 30km from shore.
  • Networks:  GSM/ 3G/ 4G/ 5G*
  • Boosts mobile signal for all EU network operators 
  • Unlimited users
  • Coverage:  Small boats : 1000m2, Large Ships: 64,000m2
  • Simple and intuitive LED status panel
  • Distributed system balances mobile signal evenly throughout your ship
  • Complete network operator protection.
  • Manufactured in Ireland

*Many operators are transmitting 5G at 2100MHz now.

Distance from the shore



The maximum distance the repeater can receive a signal from the mobile tower on land is 30km.

The StellaMarine repeater comes with an external omni-directional antenna which picks up the signal from all operators 360 degrees around the ship, within the 30Km radius.. This increases the total number of operators available to your customers at any time.

Large Ships:


For bigger ships,  you can install  line amplifiers (lineAmps) after the StellaMarine repeater. Each lineAmp also has 4 ports. This allows you to scale up your installation for any sized ship. The system automatically balances and controls power which ensures that the signal is evenly distributed throughout the ship.

Please contact us if you are interested in this modular system with lineAmps.


StellaMarine_diagram m2

We recommend doing a “loose install” to begin with. Do not fasten down the cables until you have found where best to install the various parts.

  1. Install the outdoor omni antenna somewhere secure on the outside of the ship.
  2. Cable from this antenna down inside the boat to the location where you want signal.
  3. Install the booster and indoor antenna here.
  4. Finally, once you have attached all the cables, plug in the power.