StellaOffice – Distributing mobile signal in your office

Series 1002 – Commercial grade repeaters – EU compliant



The StellaOffice is a 4 port commercial grade cellular repeater for providing mobile coverage in your large building. It has 4 indoor antenna ports which increases coverage to about 10 internal rooms.

This powerful repeater has a simple 10 LED indicator to help you during installation. This repeater is R.E.D compliant and safe on the operators. Passes all ETSI compliance tests.


  • Boosts mobile signal in large buildings.
  • Coverage: ~10 rooms.
  • Boosts all mobile operators.
  • Boosts voice and data (GSM, 3G, 4G and 5G*).
  • Unlimited users.
  • Simple and intuitive LED signal indicator.
  • No broadband connection required.
  • Repeater output power: 5 mWatts  (50 times less then mobile phone).
  • Complete Network operator protection.
  • Manufactured in Ireland.
  • Potential to expand coverage by using lineamps.

*5G is now present on 2100MHz in many EU countries, and we expect to see 5G appear on other frequencies in the near future.

Installation manual :




 StellaOffice Models

StellaOffice repeater table of products

 StellaOffice family of repeaters.(1,2,3 and 5  frequency options)


stellaoffice products in line ETSI

The StellaOffice repeater comes with different frequency options.

For rural locations we suggest 1,2 or 3 of the lower bands (ie, 800/ 900 /1800MHz). For cities, we strongly recommend all 5 bands.

All services are covered: GSM, 3G, 4G and 5G


The StellaOffice repeater kit contains 4 antennas. Each antenna provides 30 X 30 M2 of coverage in open space. Because it has 4 ports , you will have 4 separate areas with this coverage.

However, this is only in open space. In practice,  it  equates to about 10 sized rooms in a typical building layout. The coverage depends on the type of walls inside your building.

Concrete or metal insulated walls will reduce the coverage, whereas plaster board walls and  wide open internal spaces allow an increase in coverage.

converage for stellaoffice3

See the example  coverage diagram above.

A:  This section of the building  we can get away with using one antenna as the signal will pass through the doors to the three offices.

B:  This section of the building  has a corridor separating the rooms. Here we will need at least three antennas to ensure coverage to all rooms and the corridor.

Expand your coverage with lineAmps:

stellaoffice 16 antenna system_v2

You can connect LineAmps up to 100m after the StellaOffice repeater. LineAmps boost the signal another 20dB. This allows you to propagate the signal deep into your building. There is no limit to the number of LineAmps used in this way to achieve full coverage for your building.

The install diagram below shows a typical installation using LineAmps. Please contact us to find out more about this modular system.


A closer look..



EN_what you get_office_800


We recommend doing a “loose” install first, so that you can test where best to place your cables and antennas.

  1. Install the outdoor panel antenna in a location where there is good mobile signal. (usually this is the roof).
  2. Attach the 15m cable to this antenna and run it down inside the building to the Stellaoffice repeater.
  3. Attach this cable to the repeater. Then attach 1-4 cables to each of the  ports the the repeater.
  4. Cable from these ports to 4 locations that require coverage.
  5. Plug in the power supply.